Broad Spectrum CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD vs Full Spectrum CBD

Posted by Your CBD Store Leander on 1st Mar 2019

What’s the difference between broad spectrum CBD (cannabidiol) products and full spectrum CBD products? Both are of higher quality than the isolate form, which is purely the cannibidiol chemical by itself. You’ll find that all CBD products consist of one of these forms.

Isolate or pure CBD form

This is sometimes called "pure CBD" and some companies label it as Zero THC CBD. The positive connotations of the word pure hide the fact that is a subpar product which is often added to edibles or higher "5000mg" oil bottles that are sold cheaply. The label is misleading and we don’t generally recommend the isolate form, for reasons explained below.

Full spectrum CBD products and benefits

Full spectrum CBD is the label we give to products when our processing equipment keeps all the cannabinoids in the plant. There are an estimated 400 cannabinoids in the hemp/marijuana plant, and we’ve been able to identify several of those and start studying their interactions with the body. A good full spectrum product (like ours) will show lab reports with a high amount of CBD, and amounts of other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBD-V, as well as the natural terpenes from the plant. This creates a health benefit much stronger than the isolate itself (as we would expect the natural design to work better); some research points to a fourfold increase in the effectiveness of the plant at modulating the body.

One cannabinoid in particular, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is also included in our full spectrum products to the allowable < 0.3% Federal level. Some customers look specifically for products that include a small amount of THC, either for specific conditions that preliminary research has indicated may benefit from it or because they’ve heard that CBD products won't "work" without the THC.

However, THC is not allowed in CBD products in certain states or regions. It can also build up in the body and cause one to fail a drug test. Early research is showing brain altering effects in adolescents who use this specific cannabinoid. This leads us to the broad spectrum CBD form:

Broad spectrum CBD products and benefits

In order to provide a product that is as good as possible without the THC, we are able do a second pass on our products to remove the tetrahydrocannabinol itself, while keeping the other cannabinoids and terpenes still in the base. This provides a great-quality CBD oil but keeps THC out of the system. SunMed offers third-party lab testing on broad spectrum products to show that THC is not detectable to a precision of 3 (e.g., .000). Note: we cannot guarantee a passed drug test with any of our products, as some drug tests are not specific for THC or CBD.

There is a little confusion about the labelling – some manufacturers label their products as "Full Spectrum – 0THC" when they should really be called broad spectrum. Both are good options as long as third party labs verify the contents.

As our culture continues to adapt to the growing popularity and increased understanding of CBD, if you find yourself in a workplace that can drug test you, you may decide to stick to the broad spectrum line of products (or simply talk to your employer about the use of full spectrum products). If you aren’t concerned about drug testing and want the potential benefits of the included THC, go with the full spectrum. (We do not advise giving full spectrum / THC products to adolescents or children, and generally not pets).

The bottom line is make sure you know exactly what’s in your CBD! At Your CBD Store Leander, we are completely transparent about our products and take every step to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. All of our lab reports are publicly available here. (Different labs are available for full spectrum than broad spectrum). We encourage you to read up on these reports and contact us with any questions you may have.