SunMed Label Update (March 2020)

SunMed Label Update (March 2020)

Posted by Your CBD Store Leander on 25th Apr 2020

We’ve had several questions about the new labeling that is starting to show up on our CBD products. These changes are coming for good reasons but may definitely cause some confusion. Here’s a quick overview of the changes.

Concentration instead of total amount

Our old bottles used to show the total amount of cannabinoids, such as 1000mg, 500mg, 600mg gummy bears, etc. To help users compare between products, SunMed has moved to a "per unit" measurement by milliliter or piece, depending on whether the product is a CBD liquid or edible. These still represent the same total CBD strength, just divided by the measurement unit. Here’s a quick example breakdown of the new labels.

Remember, 30mL in each bottle, so you would multiply the new value x 30 for the total. For edibles, simply multiply the new value by the jar count.

Old ValueNew Value
1000mg CBD Oil33mg PER mL
750 Gummy Bears25mg per piece (30 count)
500mg CBD Oil17mg PER mL
2500mg Peach & Watermelon Rings25mg per piece (150 count)

Hemp supplement & hemp extract labels

Old bottles used to show the word "Tincture" or "CBD." While the contents still contain the same high-quality CBD you know and love, the labelling and ingredients list have now changed to better comply with advice from the government. You may see the phrase "Hemp Supplement" on your bottle or "hemp extract" in the ingredients. Remember, we still show the tested cannabinoid content on our lab reports, and it will be a full or broad spectrum CBD in your bottle.